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NexBank Continues to Sponsor the Byron Nelson


The Byron Nelson Golf Tournament is continue to receive sponsorship from NexBank. The Golf Tournament is sure to be a big event to watch. Thanks to the sponsorship of the tournament by NexBank. The TPC Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas will be the holding place of the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. Therefore, fans get to watch their favorite golfers make rack up the points. The tournament runs from the 16th of May to the 22nd. This makes for 6 days of excitement as the players push towards the number one spot of the golf tournament.
NexBank Continues Sponsorship of the Byron Nelson

NexBank is a financial firm that deals with mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking. NexBank is also involved in advisory services to corporations. Many large corporations receive services from NexBank in order to reach the next level of success. NexBank also offers its services to small businesses, medium size businesses, as well as banks. NexBank has a huge track record of success in its transactions. With its success, it has grown to include more services in its business. As NexBank grows in its success, so does its ability to sponsor events like the Golf Tournament.

Among the commercial banking services that NexBank offers are commercial lending, commercial real estate lending, credit services, treasury management, correspondent banking, and agency services. They also offer a lot of services for mortgage banking and investment banking. Clients can visit NexBank for a wide variety of services that involve financial management. NexBank has been in business for almost 100 years. Their unique approach to providing solutions focuses on the client. After all, it is important hat the client gets a lot of care and respect so that he will get the satisfaction that he wants. The bankers that work at NexBank has a lot of experience and skills when it comes to financial management. They also use a ton of different types of products so that they can provide a banking experience that will satisfy bankers.

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José Manuel González: End the Roller Coaster

José Manuel González is running for governor of Guarico. He is not inexperienced politically, as he has spent time in the National Assembly, but his experience there taught him that policy was far too important to leave to the career politicians. Mr. González began his career as a businessman in agriculture, and still continues in that role, so as not to lose touch with the interests that originally inspired him into political office. He views himself not as a politician, but as a businessman lent out to politics.

The main issues that he is interested in affecting as governor, are the agricultural policy of the State of Guarico, as well as ensuring that a greater level of democracy is realized in the administration of the State. Jose Manuel González believes that the country’s economy has been too painful on a daily basis, forcing its citizens to often live at a merely subsistence level, while the economy experiences extreme ups and downs. The State does not have sufficient foreign currency to import needed resources and supplies for its citizens main focus is on economic growth for the country, and he believes that the nation needs to come together in a grand agreement to focus on their betterment of the country, rather than partisan struggles and power grabs.

Overall, he believes that if the nation can come together and politicians focus on improving the economy, that they will be able to bring back economic security to the every day lives of the citizenry, and return the country to its true democratic roots.

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Doug Levitt Peeks Inside The American Collective On A Greyhound Bus

Doug Levitt started his career as a foreign correspondent based in London and working for ABC, NBC, and CNN among other news outlets. Before Doug grew up and traded in his day job, he lived in Washington, D.C. with his mother, Carol Schwartz, a D.C. Councilmember. Civic duty was instilled in Doug at a young age by his mother. And it was this civic duty that led Doug to leave his correspondence position and to start riding the bus. Doug was inspired by the 1930’s WPA government programs that would go into the community to see how the public was living during times of crisis.

Doug Levitt has logged over ten thousand miles riding the bus across the country and back writing songs about his experiences and collecting other riders’ personal stories. This was how “Greyhound Diaries” evolved. Doug saw the need to record these experiences as a way of gauging how many Americans are doing and to document the struggles of the Everyman.

Mr. Levitt’s “Greyhound Dairies” project is a labor of love that has evolved into a book, a pair of ep’s and a web series. In addition to the multimedia outlets, Mr. Levitt has taken the stories that consist of ‘Greyhound Diaries’ on the road sharing his stories and songs in venues across the nation. ‘Greyhound Diaries’ has simply become Levitt’s life work. He has built a snapshot of the modern, average, American public, many whom are struggling to rebuild their lives, bouncing back from rock bottom, or on the upswing to great things. Check out Doug’s Twitter here.

Mr. Levitt and “Greyhound Diaries” are worth a listen and a read as this project is close to everyone’s hearts because it involves people that could very well be anyone’s neighbors. And if Mr. Levitt is performing in your town, it would be worth the cost of admission.


Greyhound Diaries

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Bob Reina Shows Responsibility with His Global Success

Bob Reina is president and CEO of Talk Fusion Video Marketing, and, in the past decade, Talk Fusion has risen to the top of video marketing worldwide. The technology of Talk Fusion is found in over 140 countries, and Mr. Reina is constantly improving the line of Talk Fusion’s video marketing products, which include Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat. The videos are crystal clear, and the team of techs on staff are experts in the industry.

But, Bob Reina is not only known as an entrepreneur, but he is also a philanthropist whose mission it is to reach out and help people around the globe. His slogan from the start of Talk Fusion is “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and he has become involved in the movement that is helping and encouraging communities everywhere every day.

Recently, in the Tampa Bay area, Reina donated $1 million to the Humane Society. After the tragic earthquake in Nepal and the tsunami in Japan, he held fundraisers to help the survivors. He also includes his associates in donations to non-profit businesses by allowing them to select the ones that will receive the gift of a Custom Plan for their office. The Custom Plan includes all the video products that Talk Fusion produces, and Reina pays their annual fees.

Mr. Reina began Talk Fusion in 2007 when he couldn’t find a company to send his 10-second video to family and friends. He decided he could do it himself, so he and his tech-genius friend began to research and build the technology. In 2007, he introduced his first product, the video email, and it went viral.

Many countries around the globe bought the service, and Talk Fusion became a global video marketing company in under a year. Talk Fusion was just what the communication world was looking for and needed. Bob Reina has never forgotten his humble beginnings in building Talk Fusion. Today, he divides his time managing the international company and helping where there is a need.

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Keith Mann Announces Scholarship to One Lucky High School Senior

Keith Mann recently announced that he and his wife, Keely, will present the Scholarship for Professional Achievement Award. This award will recognize future business leaders. In order for this scholarship to be implemented, Keith Mann is partnering up with Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profit charter organization. This scholarship is awarded to one lucky graduating senior every year at one of Uncommon School’s high school.

This scholarship is a wonderful thing as it will ensure that one of the high school students is able to attend a four-year college. To participate, graduating seniors have to write an essay explaining why earning a college degree will help them achieve a successful career. Being a philanthropist, Keith is dedicated to finding future strong leaders and helping them turn their dreams into a reality. Many students attending one o Uncommon School’s Brooklyn-based high schools are low-income and cannot afford college. This scholarship not only helps a student get into college to find a better career, but supports the mission of finding strong leaders as well. The winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship that the student can apply towards their college tuition (

Keith Mann is the Founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. He has over 15 years of experience working in the executive search industry as well as hedge fund compensation and hiring strategy. He quickly recognized that the hedge fund industry was a booming market, so he developed the Alternative Investment Practice. In 2009, Dynamics Search Partners was established. This executive search firm works exclusively on alternative investment firms and fills over 200 clients orders yearly. As CEO, Keith is in charge of the daily management of the firm. He also assists his clients with hiring investment, marketing strategies, and building new platforms.

When Keith is not hard at work, he is a philanthropist. He has made donations to, which is a fund that supports classroom project across the United States by providing the necessary supplies to teachers and students. A man like Keith is someone who is dedicated to helping children and ensuring they have the best education out there.

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Eric Pulier: Brilliant Leader in the Public and Private Sectors

After graduating from high school in northern New Jersey, Eric Pulier entered Harvard University. He achieved Magna Cum Laude honors as a graduate from this prestigious Ivy league school. With a deep knowledge of literature, computer science and the environment, the young and ambitious graduate was ready to contribute to the world.

Since entering the business world in the early 1990s, Eric Pulier has founded more than a dozen enterprises. Digital Evolution and US Interactive were some of his first ventures that focused on the high-tech sector that was still in the early stages of development during the Internet boom. Eventually, he diversified his portfolio by going into the financial world. After opening Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures, Pulier surely proved that he was a smart businessperson with a thorough comprehension of international commerce.

In addition to having a solid portfolio in business and finances, Pulier also boasts a great track record in the public sector. In fact, he was honorably chosen to design and manage the Bridge to the 21st Century exhibit that celebrated Bill Clinton’s and Al Gore’s second term in the White House. Held in the heart of Washington, D.C. the event focused on the future ambitions of the United States of America ranging from space exploration to health care.

Mr. Pulier is also proud of his involvement in various philanthropic causes worldwide. As a young businessman, he launched initiatives that helped disabled individuals learn about their health problems and use modern technology to overcome obstacles. For example, Pulier was heavily involved with the Multiple Sclerosis Society in the United States. By working with this organization, he was able to use digital technology to change the lives of Americans who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

2010 marked Pulier’s first involvement in international philanthropy. That year, he played key roles in raising funds for the US Doctors for Africa event that was held in New York City. By working with the Clinton Global Initiative, Pulier has delivered high-tech solutions to impoverished communities worldwide. Through this program, he helped bring affordable cloud technology to individuals who have limited or no access to computers.

IT Solutions Provided By John Goullet

DIVERSANT is an IT solution firm located in the US specialized in providing the highest level of services to their customers across borders be it consultants or partners in the same field. It is one of the biggest IT firm owned by an African- American meant to provide solutions in all IT related matters such as IT talents, contingent to a good number of clients situated in mid-markets and industries.

The DIVERSANT is also a fully-certified Minority Business Enterprise that aims at promoting the supply chain in a very diverse way. The firm holds on diversity to achieve greater opportunities for their clients in a very innovative manner.

In terms of products, the Diversant firm relay on transformative ideas that are original to make sure the needs of their clients and the community at large are taken care of with an output of greater quality.

The DIVERSANT firm was formed in the year 2010 after the Info Technologies Inc. decided to come together with DIVERSANT LLC to become one thing. This merge helped the DIVERSANT to expand its services and develop more solutions in the IT world.

It is a firm owned by Gene C Waddy, a man born in new jersey and a successful entrepreneur in IT staffing and solutions. Before founding DIVERSANT Gene was the national practice Director for infrastructure at Spherion Technology managing the provision of IT services across borders.

The DIVERSANT firm at the moment is under the leadership of John Goullet, who serve as the principal of DIVERSANT. Guollet was at one time the Chief Executive Officer of Info Technologies back in the year 1994 at its start. He holds lots of experience in the IT sector and has been able to win a number of awards.

Goullet studied at the Ursinus College in the US and upon his graduation he has served in many companies due to his nature of understanding the nature of corporate climate as well as IT staffing needs of his clients.

DIVERSANT firm has an Advisory Board composed of industry leaders and business experts who provide advice and counsel on matters of commercial development and strategic planning of the firm. The Board Members meet regularly with DIVERSANT Leadership to review market conditions and company performance. The Chief Officer of DIVERSANT is Jim Yoshimura a successful executive leader with over 30 years of staffing, consulting and industry experience.

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There Is A Lot To Learn When You Use Laidlaw & Company To Invest


Laidlaw & Company is really the best place for you to invest, and someone like me who knows nothing about investing could learn a lot just by talking to a broker. There are many nice brokers at Laidlaw & Company, and I even talked to James Ahern about how he thought his company could help me. It was a really nice moment to realize that I could actually know what I was talking about, and then I could relay that information to my broker. I was sent to a broker who has been like family ever since, and I am very happy with the way that he has made me into a very comfortable woman.
He was the perfect person for me because he explained everything to me, and then he set up a savings account and a rainy day account. The rainy day account if just extra cash I can use when I need it, and the savings account is going to be my retirement. I can call in at any time when I need help, and I know that my broker is going to give me a really good explanation of what is going on. I know that I feel out of place sometimes, but I never feel like I am clueless when I talk to Laidlaw & Company.

The best part of this is that I have been able to save a lot of money, and I know that I am only going to be able to get the results I want when I use Matthew Eitner. I have tried with other companies before, but they did nothing for me, They made it very hard to make money, and they made me feel stupid. Laidlaw & Company is the best place for you to go when you need an education in investing.


NexBank Teaches Young People About Business Ownership


NexBank Capital Inc. is responsible for an event that has an important goal. The goal is to give young people useful experience that can help them launch businesses. It also is to give them experience that can help them oversee businesses in general. NexBank is hosting a Saturday, May 7th event that revolves around young people and lemonade stands. Young people who hail from North Texas are going to be taking the time to manage lemonade stands in areas all around the vast Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

NexBank’s CEO is John Holt. He spoke about the anticipated event, which is referred to as “Lemonade Day Greater Dallas.” The executive said that the event strives to give young people training in the worlds of being a skilled entrepreneur and leader. It also strives to give young people training in financial topics. Matt Siekielski is another employee at NexBank. Siekielski is the company’s chief operating officer and Executive Vice President. He said that NexBank is happy to be behind Lemonade Day. He also said that helping these youths may be important for molding the business future of the city of Dallas.

NexBank is a noted company that specializes in financial services. The firm’s focal points are investment banking, mortgage banking and commercial banking. NexBank counts corporations, institutions and banking institutions among its many diverse categories of clients. The company works with organizations in all parts of the United States.

Other people who have high positions at NexBank are senior managing director Craig Campbell, chief credit officer Rhett Miller, general counsel Dierk Hohnan and chief financial officer Craig Korbuly. NexBank is an in-depth resource for people who are searching for professional assistance with subjects including but not limited to credit services, wholesale lending, agency services, operations advisory, warehouse lending and real estate advisory.


Banking with NexBank

On May 7, 2016 NexBank sponsored the youth event called ‘Lemonade Day Greater Dallas’. This event allows young people to set up and run a lemonade stand for the day. It shows youths that being an entrepreneur is something that they can strive for and achieve if they have the desire. NexBank considers this a great opportunity to get the younger generation excited about being business owners and teaches them the skills to get start.

NexBank is a full service bank based out of Dallas, Texas. No matter if you like the brick and mortar style of banking or would rather do you banking online in the comfort of your home, NexBank offers both.

This Texas bank has been around for over a 100 years and is a member of the FDIC. It offers business and personal banking to their customers.

Some of the services NexBank offers are things such as,
• Commercial services for the small business owners
• Personal services for families
• Investment services for those looking to build a future with their money
• Corporate advisory services such as, recapitalization and restructuring
• Real estate investments
• Personal mortgages

No matter what your banking needs are, NexBank is there to help with either your personal or business desires. They have a team of committed staff members that can address any of your concerns and needs. NexBank has the expertise to help with commercial and personal banking needs that involve important details that go along with investments and financial budgets that can involve the single family household or the largest corporations.

NexBank is bank that is committed to their customer and ready to help with any of your financial needs. You can find more information at their website and see the list of services they offer.

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