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NutriMost Suceeds with Customized Weight Loss

NutriMost, a Pennsylvania based weight loss solution company, ordered, through their attorney, a “cease and desist” letter to competitor Healthy Living. Healthy Living apparently was bold enough to include the exact sales video from NutriMost’s website. The video was simply altered slightly to replace any reference to Nutrimost, to “Can’t Lose Diet.”

Nutrimost is a weight loss program that is self described as using a “pastoral, medical approach.” The idea is a blend scriptural health wisdom and leading edge science. The program promises no hunger, no exercise, no prepackaged meals and no drugs.

The alarming reality is that the Healthy Living company included video footage of NutriMost’s creator, Ray Wisniewski, and testimonials from people using and accomplishing their weight loss goals with NutriMost’s system.

One fantastic testimony describes a husband and wife team, Al and Linda Sparaco, from Brookfield, Connecticut, that started the plan together, after hearing a radio advertisement and scheduling a private consultation. They were both overweight and experiencing health challenges, including high blood pressure, acid reflux problems, high cholesterol and the possibility of a diabetic future. They were inspired to try the NutriMost process.

Each person gains and loses weight differently. Each person is prescribed a customized weight loss plan. Dr. Mitch Gordon DC, Al and Linda’s coach and advisor, lost 38 pounds, himself, through the NutriMost program. The typical program is 40 days. Al lost 31 pounds and Linda lost more than 29 pounds for the first time through the program. In addition, they were able to stop their medication.

The results speak for themselves and it is understandable why Healthy Living would want to portray their weight loss solution in the same way as NutriMost. However, the attorneys for NutriMost don’t agree. They are seeking $300,000 for loss of “goodwill and reputation.” Healthy Living has, since, removed the video from their website.

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Laidlaw & Company Makes Our Investments Simpler

Our investments have been spread all over the place for a while, and we knew that we needed to do something about our investments before they got out of control. We have been trying to invest our money to help it last longer, and we came to Laidlaw & Company for help. I actually got an appointment with James Ahern to discuss our investments, and he showed us that we could actually invest in other businesses that would be great for us.

I heard a lot of ideas that will help our business, and I learned about the companies that would be the best fit for our business. We are supporting companies that were chosen for us like Matthew Eitner at Laidlaw & Company, and we keep asking about more businesses that they might think work for us. We wants to be involved in the lives of other businesses, and we want to start putting our money in places that share our beliefs. Maintaining correct investments is a very important part of our business plan that we have put together.

Someone who is trying to make money back on their investments will feel better about their investments the way we do at Laidlaw & Company. We are invested in companies that believe in the same things we do, and we will continue to invest there because we know that we have the best position in our industry. We are now involved in a lot of other businesses, and our wealth is going a lot farther because of the money we have invested. I personally feel better about investing in a business because I am supporting someone and making money at the same time. These businesses need partners, and Laidlaw & Company puts us together in these harmonious relationships that help us all make money.

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The Dependable and Experienced IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services Inc is a leading international provider of logistics, advanced technical and professional services, and facilities management. Its headquarters are in Cape Canaveral Florida and it maintains offices in Washington D.C, United Kingdom, Panama City Florida and the Middle East. The company manages, maintains and operates military installations, research laboratories in remote areas and civilian facilities. When there are logistical and technical challenges such as overseas battlefields or natural disasters, IAP will offer inventive solutions and deliver exceptional results.

What are the qualities that make IAP a reliable Market Leader?
One of the reasons is because of the company’s great experience as it has been around for 60 years and is available in 25 countries. 30 percent of its workforce comprises of people with military experience. The veterans bring in attributes of quick and critical thinking, leadership and commitment to the mission and teams. The company focuses on achieving objectives, and it always adopts the customer’s mission as their own. IAP is result oriented, and it searches for critical, flexible and creative ways of problem-solving to accomplish any objective. The workforce has a commitment to each other, partners and customers and it ensures better and faster ways of tackling tasks.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

Services offered by IAP Worldwide Services.
It provides Aviation Engineering Solutions through various aircraft programs such as repair, parts acquisition and repair, test equipment and station, engineering services, logistic support and communication systems. The company has helped in rebuilding air traffic control in places like Afghanistan and also manages several airbase operations in the Middle East and Asia. With the acquisition of Tactical Communication and Network Solutions (TCNS), IAP Worldwide Services is in a better position to offer more aviation related solutions. The company offers temporary and permanent power services and solutions, cost-effective renewable energy and power plant operations and management. It also provides expeditionary infrastructure services to organizations in remote areas. It ensures functionality in such areas by providing custom-engineered infrastructure, health and emergency services, facilities operations and maintenance and power field and utilities. The company provides IT and Communication services and solutions. It offers high-tech products and systems in network and communication and logistic support.

IAP has partnered with U.S Military to support national troops in many projects across the continent and outside. It offers services mentioned above and emergency responses such as disaster relief, emergency power solutions and environmental management services. The company also offers global procurement, supply chain operations and management, transportation services and solutions and warehouse operations and management. IAP enables the defense and civilian agencies to perform in any environment by providing necessary solutions and services.

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Kabbalah Centre: The Study Of Kabbalah Philosophy

Kabbalah is a very old form of spiritual thought. The exact date of it’s origin is not clear. However, it is thought to date back to the middle ages. The subjects that Kabbalah discusses are very varied, and the ideas of the Kabbalah range from very concrete and easy to understand to highly esoteric. Kabbalah contains specific philosophies regarding the nature of the soul and God. It also discusses the afterlife. However, it also contains philosophies and spiritual practices pertaining to the Earthly lives of ordinary people. There are philosophies within Kabbalah philosophy regarding both good and also evil. Additionally, Kabbalah discusses spiritual ideas regarding the purpose of mankind.

Kabbalah is not studied by all people that practice Judaism. In fact, some groups within Judaism and other faiths strictly prohibit the studying of Kabbalah. There are various reasons behind this. This has been the case throughout the whole history of Kabbalah philosophy. However, there are also many sects of Judaism and other religions that very much promote the philosophy of Kabbalah. There are also organizations that specialize in the study of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches it’s many members about kabbalah philosophies. Given the complexity of much of Kabbalah, the Kabbalah Centre is highly selective in who is able to learn the information taught by them. In fact, it is required by the centre to have a very strong knowledge of Judaism, in general. Furthermore, one also must be at least 40 years of age, in many cases.

While the Kabbalah Centre has it’s main facility in Los Angeles, they are a worldwide organization. There are multiple facilities within the US. These facilities are located in various regions of the country. Furthermore, there are facilities of the Kabbalah Centre located in quite a number of different countries. There are even facilities of the Kabbalah Centre that are located in both Asia and Europe, in addition to their facilities within North and South America. There also are opportunities to take online classes on Kabbalah through the Kabbalah Centre.

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Securus’s New Investigation Into Prison Industry Corruption

A leading Dallas-based inmate IT firm has now decided to go beyond just designing platforms and correctional facilities. In a recent report by PR Newsiwre, Securus Technologies is now spearheading full-scale investigations into inmate telecom company corruption. According to Securus CEO Rick Smith, the exposure of wrongdoings in the prison industry is necessary to keep the reputation of the prison telecom industry in good standing with correctional institutions and people who use the technology. In particular, the report is aimed at a competitor, Global Tel Link for corrupt practices, in which according to a report filed by the Public Service Commission of Louisiana, GTL overbilled clients by tampering with minutes used in phone calls, and adding other fraudulent charges to billing accounts. Smith has vowed to speak out against such practices and make sure Securus’s services are transparent to the public.

Securus America is a major developer of inmate communications solutions, and services many major facilities across the US. They’ve designed some of the most complex IT infrastructures for prison officials and law enforcement. They’ve received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureua according to PR Newswire for delivering fantastic results and excellent customer service, and through their secure systems, communications have been able to transmit uncompromise, and emergencies have been responded to rapidly. Securus recently has put forth a managed access system that can create blackout zones in prisons to keep inmates from using smuggled-in cell phones and correctional officers safe.

Securus’s communication tools span all the way from phone service, financial transaction kiosks, mail scanners, and even video visitation programs. The video visitation app has made visiting an incarcerated loved one much easier for families, as now they can do so right from the comfort of their own home. And scheduling this face time has been made easier and more convenient for inmates, and saved both visitors and correctional facilities a lot of expenses.

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