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How To Fight Bad Press With A Small Budget

Managing your online reputation with a small budget or no budget at all can be very challenging. Your reputation now plays a pivotal role in brand image and can even impact sales. Below are some great tips from, for those on a lean budget on how to fight bad press and effectively manage an online reputation like a pro.

The first thing you should do when managing your online reputation is to find out what your reputation currently is. You should be tracking your reputation on the web. An easy way to “see” your reputation on the web is to go to search engines and type in your company name. Observe the results in the first three pages. Do the same with other key phrases or misspellings. You should also search your company employees. See if they have any bad press on the web. If you find anything negative or damaging, make a note of it.

Go to social media and search the company name, common misspellings and key words and phrases associated with the company as well. This also plays a role in your online reputation. Put hashtags before words as well when searching for social media. Examples of where you want to search include, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

If you find negative content, then you need to counter it with positive content. An easy way to build up an online reputation is to create free social media profiles on platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. Create a personal site and blog if you can as well. Constantly update it. For best results, join a variety of sites. For example, join a picture site, a video site, create a general webpage and create an industry specific profile. This will reinforce a positive image across the web.

If you find negative reviews on the web about your company that have a legitimate complaint, respond to them. Ignore trolls or people just looking to trash your name. Most people do not pay attention to this anyway. Focus on the reviews or issues that you can respond to and resolve. If you do this, this will show customers that you care about your consumers and it will reflect favorably.

There is a lot more tips on how to manage your reputation on a thin budget. Read these tips for more on how to keep your reputation in good shape.


Seeing Is Believing When It Comes To FreedomPop Services

FreedomPop is cell phone service, Internet service for the home, portable hotspots, and Wi-Fi service. FreedomPop also has sales as well, and they sell smartphones and tablets, and these products can be obtained through their website, or those that have access to a FreedomPop retailer can find these products. The services that FreedomPop has are available across the country, and those that need cell phone service must first have the right phone to get their service started. Worrying about the type of cell phone that can be used on the FreedomPop service may be too much for some people.

Those that don’t want to take the chance of getting a phone that may not work on the FreedomPop network can choose to buy a phone directly from FreedomPop. Word to the wise, unlock any GSM phone that takes a sim card before trying to use it with the FreedomPop network. Unlocking most GSM phones can be done by obtaining an unlock code online, or there are services that can help to activate the unlocking application that may be installed in a GSM phone. Practically any GSM phone works with FreedomPop if it’s unlocked.

Anyone who wants to bring a Sprint mobile phone to FreedomPop can do that because they are compatible with FreedomPop’s network. Since FreedomPop uses the services of Sprint by using their towers for phone service, those with a Sprint phone can still get phone service with FreedomPop. Also, FreedomPop works with T-Mobile and AT&T for service on GSM phones, and this information is great because it means that anyone with a GSM phone will have access to service all across the USA. Even those with a Sprint phone will still have great service, which means FreedomPop is truly the company to get wireless services from.

Those interested in home Internet service will like getting one gigabyte of free data every month, and the free data can be used along with any chosen plan from FreedomPop. The home Internet service will also offer Wi-Fi with up to eight connections at one time. The mini hotspots that are portable are also available with 500 MB of free data monthly. The Wi-Fi service is something many should take advantage of as well because it’s only five dollars per month and gives unlimited access to Wi-Fi service in millions of hotspots with 4G LTE speeds. Learn more from this FreedomPop review

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Achievements of Nathaniel Ru

Cordiality administration requires a top quality of selflessness to the detriment of giving authorities to the customers. Their fulfillment decides the affirmation of staying in business. Legitimate support management offers assurances one a long time of flourishing. It has picked up acknowledgment in urban areas over the United States. Since numerous individuals are altered with day by day errands to attempt without discovering time amid the day or even throughout the day to get ready one’s nourishment. It is a direct result of this reason Sweetgreen Company has come set up to offer indisputable green sustenance in the urban areas of Chicago, New York, and its environs. It is based on the grounds of guaranteeing that the customers meet the most diverse feast firm the typical taking of conceivably green sustenance around. Nathaniel Ru terms this organization as the paradise sent to admire people groups substantial living. This delicacy is advanced with a wide assortment of supplements that are in frequently found on the off chance that they are not united to frame a complex nutritious measure of nourishment. This joins a proficient faculty that set this up sort of delicacy. Nathaniel Ru, the originator, and CEO of Sweetgreen Company has consolidated an immense number of laborers in various stations of this lodging ensures that they convey the best support of their customers were conceivable.

The organization looks for the need of including farmers from different parts of the state in giving a consistent supply of required stir. This has made the team run its operation without running down on the supply. Nathaniel Ru traversed the country looking for farmers who are capable and willing to work with the organization. This empowers the team to have an extensive variety of supplies. Nathaniel is entranced by the inquiries farmers solicited relating the kind from the amount he requires. Most ranchers discover some of their produce going waste having evacuated the wanted sort they just need. This is promoting nourishment wastage which could have been used. This has empowered this rancher earned an additional measure of money furthermore minimizing on food wastage. A great many people have additionally secured employments in the Sweetgreen organization making them beneficial in this manner lessening the level of unemployment. Sweetgreen Company offers this delicacy at reasonable costs that are pocket inviting to its customers. The vast majority of the company’s’ branches are deliberately put therefore pulling in a ton of clients. It is open week throughout the day and amid weekends along these lines achieving many people efficiently.



Madison Street Capital Nominated for Two Prestigious Awards

In the wake of August 29, this year, Madison Street Capital received recognition from Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor as a nominee for its 15th annual awards. The awards are held in high esteem, for they are meant to recognize big names in the financial sector, and celebrating their excellent achievements. Madison was nominated for two categories including Boutique Investment Company of the year and the Industrial Deal of the Year Award. Read more:

The nomination for the Industrial deal of the year award was spearheaded by the purchase of Acuna and Asociados S.A by Dowco. Mr. Karl D’Cunha, who is the managing director of Madison Street Capital, played a significant role in making the deal a success. Mr. Karl D’Cunha reiterated that the transaction was a complex one since the two parties hailed from different borders.

CEO Botchway’s views

CEO Charles Botchway confirmed that the company was jubilated for assisting Dowco, her longstanding client. Besides that, Mr. Charles also expressed his regards for being nominated for an internationally recognized award. Being selected for these two awards is a clear indication that the company’s deal-makers are working tirelessly to connect clients with opportunities that best suits their business needs. The highly anticipated award winners are set to be unveiled on November 9, 2016, at the prestigious New York Athletic Club.

About the M&A Advisor

It was incepted in 1998 for the purpose of offering insights coupled with intelligence about M&A activities. Eighteen years down the line, it has established a vibrant network and a huge revolution among various finance professionals. Currently, M&A advisor provides itself for being able to recognize and facilitate connections between the big names in the financial scene on a global scale.

An Overview Concerning Madison Street Capital, LLC

Madison Street Capital boasts of being the leading investment banking firm committed to excellence as far as the provision of corporate financial advisory services and opinions is concerned. All its services are rendered to both private and publicly owned businesses. The firm’s services play a vital role in enabling clients to excel in the international marketplace. When taking on a new project, the ultimate goals of a customer are turned into Madison Street Capital’s goals.

The Madison’s investment approach reflect a lot of expertise and experience, which lead to ultimate success. Since its inception, the firm emerges as the top service provider in corporate advisory and business valuation services. It has also served numerous clients and partners in a variety of niches. The high reputation stems from the unwavering dedication of providing services using professional standards. The firm’s offices are based in Africa, Asia, and the United States. The company has pocketed numerous awards, earned nominations, and high ratings from clients. Originally posted on

Changing the way the world views fast food

Often when we think about fast food, the first word that comes to our minds is “un-healthy”. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be! Sweetgreen’s has changed the face of fast food, and the way we see it. Nathaniel Ru is a George Town graduate, along with his two best friends Nicolas Jammet, and Johnathan Neman. The team of best friends devoted their passion into a restaurant chain. The company has forty stores in the United States, employing well over 1,700 employees. The company was funded by forty members of their friends, and family. The company believes in making large investments in their employees. Which in today’s world that isn’t something that is easy to come by. They believe in making sure that employees are financially able to take care of their families, and look after their own health.


Sweetgreen’s isn’t limited to their fast, and healthy food. Or the way they take care of the people who work for them. They also have other things to look forward to including music, and a cool app that you must get your hands on. The app is also beneficial to the education system, as 1% of each purchase will be donated in hopes for healthier eating for schools. Sweetgreen’s is also trying to create programs within the education system. Their goal is to provide them with information that shows them the benefits of fitness, and clean eating. Obviously trying to show them that their is more to food categories than pizza, and potato chips.


In an interview with Nathaniel Ru, he stated that they have big family meals when they celebrate a new seasonal launch. They base their company on creating meaningful relationships with their employers, and the community. Something pretty neat about Sweetgreen’s is that their food is all fresh. Their menu is prepared a year before its actually put out. Its determined by what farmer’s are growing during that season. Now tell me that doesn’t bring an entirely new meaning to thinking ahead! There are things on the menu that are both vegan friendly, and vegetarian friendly.


Sweetgreen’s are located all over the United States, from Washington DC to California, and even down as far as Virginia. I suggest going to their webpage, and seeing if there is a location near you!

Devco Gets Behind on Payments; Is it a Catastrophy or a Minor Setback?

Devco is a renovation company that has been constructing amazing buildings in downtown New Brunswick for over 30 years. The new buildings replace the shabby, old deteriorating buildings, and they create a spectacular, new and updated look in a dilapidated neighborhood.
This project is a much needed and worthwhile project, but the Press of Atlantic City has reported that Devco has missed $7 million in payments and are $20 million in debt to the group of lenders who made the investment in 2005. The total amount borrowed for the Heldrich Hotel project was $107 million, but the $30 million that was in bonds has been repaid.

Devco has been transforming New Brunswick by turning the dingy streets and trash-lined sidewalks into gorgeous hotels, convention centers, and retail stores. The Heldrich seemed to fall at a bad time because In 2008, the economy crashed.

So, the brand new five-star Heldrich Hotel could not get guests. The economy hit too hard, and the Hotel never reached full capacity, which is what is needed to pay all the bills and make a profit. In recent years, the Board had to contribute over $700,000 for everyday costs to run the Hotel.

A spokeswoman for the renovation company, Maria Prato, says that Devco has every intention of repaying the investors, but it will take several years longer. She stated that Devco has been working on this spectacular project since the 1970s, and they aren’t going to stop now. Their history speaks for itself, and they will continue to renovate and rebuild.

Christopher Paladino is Devco’s attorney who arranged the loan with the investors, and he too said that there is no need for worry. The New Brunswick Project will continue to move forward for many years to come.

Richard Blair – the Solution to Your Wealth?

Maybe some of you heard of Wealth Solutions. They are an investment advisory company based in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair is the founder, and he prioritizes in improving the financial lives of individuals, families, and small business owners.

Richard Blair has a family history of teaching, and he learned how teaching can help a person’s knowledge and confidence grow. He started his financial industry in 1993, immediately after graduating from college. The next year, Mr. Blair started Wealth Solutions, and provided the best financial advice to his clients. He has well over 20 years of experience in the financial industry.

The main audience of Wealth Solutions are high-income individuals, families, and small business owners in Austin and nearby areas such as Marble Falls, Houston, Bastrop, New Braunfels and Georgetown. Mr. Blair has been known to bring positive and significant changes in people’s lives.

People’s finances can change over time – not necessarily for the better. Wealth Solutions believes that they have the ability to help people adapt to their changing financial environments. Wealth Solutions will always seek the opportunity to offer the best solutions for someone’s financial change.

The company will help people plan for retirement, preserving wealth, and help build up their “rainy day” funds. They also prepare a financial plan for beneficiaries. You never can tell when someone will suffer a financial setback, and what they can do about it. Many people, even with a high income, do not know how to save for retirements, and that is where Wealth Solutions comes to the rescue. Even wealthy people are not immune to financial disaster.

According to Crunchbase and DataFox, when there comes the time you need to plan for retirement or just need financial advice, and live in the Austin area, contact Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. You will be glad you did. With his knowledge and history in the financial industry, along with his reputation, he will improve your financial life!

Financial lives are on the top of the list for many people, especially in today’s economy. This country has not fully recovered from the economic crisis in 2008, so if you are looking to preserve your wealth (as most people are) you will be in good hands with Wealth Solutions!