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Patriotism and Humility of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is not only renowned for being the nominated governor of Michigan State in 2006 but also for being a fundamental factor in the school-choice reformation in the United States for many years. He and his wife have both used their political and economic might in finding solutions to social problems affecting especially education since it was triggered by Milton Friedman’s writings on “The role of government in Education.”


When we closely look at the DeVos as presented in the interview with the Philanthropy Magazine, this couple has been involved in educational reforms even before it dawned on the general public that public schools were failing and the better options were to drop back to educational reforms which included, tax credit, education savings accounts, and vouchers. These reforms were earlier regarded as radical until when it was evidently seen to outdo public schools.


DeVos was born to be a successful businessman, which happens to be in his family lineage. Being born in Grand Rapids Michigan to Helen June and Richard DeVos- business people, he lived to become a successful entrepreneur. Beginning his business career at Amway, a family business, he was a breakthrough for the organization helping it to expand greatly. Besides his successful entrepreneurial journey, DeVos is one in among few rich people in the United States who are worth their respect for their social responsibility. This fact is evidently seen in his charity work across the United States and abroad.


There are lots of instances that show that people like DeVos are rare to find especially in the developed countries. With his wealth and success, DeVos decided to make the world a better place by helping poor families who were unable to raise funds to send their children to school. In 1993, DeVos and his wife were co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund that provided scholarships to families with low income. The foundation saw 4,000 children get scholarships Apart from his contributions in the education, he also co-chaired the improvement of healthcare facilities around Grand Rapids. What was most memorable of the charity he did includes donations for refurbishment arena, convention center, heart hospital, medical school and a market all in the heartland of Michigan. These donations amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars.


There is so much to be said about DeVos in regards to his charity work. He is one kind of a person that put aside his titles and achievements and put the interests of his countrymen at heart. He has won the National Champion sailor title twice but that never gave him the audacity to look down upon the less privileged.


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The career life of Jode Auriemo Neto in real estate business

The real estate market scene in Brazil has been experiencing a boom for many years now as a result of the county’s increasing economic strength realized both locally and internationally. The economic growth has had tremendous effects on the country’s real estate business due to increased investments being made. The result has been the construction of many buildings to cater for the demand for both office space and residential units, and many Brazilians have been the drive behind such investments. One good example is Jose Auriemo Neto who is the CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA which is a real estate firm.

The real estate company that Jose Neto heads focuses mainly on the development of both residential and commercial buildings within and across the whole of Brazil. Working for the accompany Neto oversees many of its investment interests that are in hotels, office buildings, and various public developments. In addition to all these duties, Auriemo also manages firms vast shopping and retail business portfolio. These include the well-known shopping mall called Cidade Jardin complex, Metro Tucuruv, Ponta Negra and Bela Vista shopping malls. He also manages other ongoing construction buildings in the district of Sao Paulo.

The year 2009 saw Mr. Aureimo Neto oversee the firms first-ever retail business being launched. The result of this is that he was able to sign mutually beneficial exclusive partnerships with Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo. As a consequence of the agreement, they went on to open the group’s first luxury brands retail outlet at the Cidade Jardim shopping compound owned by JHSF.

Jose Neto graduated from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University located in Sao Paulo. He began work for JHSF company in the year 1993 and slowly work his way to its helm as the Chief Executive Officer. The year 1997 saw him establish the company’s service department and subsequently, in 1998 he secured the firms first shopping complex development.

Protecting Officers Inside a Dangerous Jail with Securus Technologies

One of the reasons that I have been a corrections officer for so long is because I love the challenge. Each day is completely different that the previous day, and for that reasons you need to have eyes in the back of your head every second you work behind these prison walls. Our team of officers is well equipped to handle violence to a degree, but add into the mix drugs and weapons and it can go from dangerous to deadly in a flash.


To try and maintain a degree of order, each day me and my fellow officers are doing numerous cell inspections throughout the facility. By taking out drugs and weapons, we make it safer for anyone who is currently behind these prison walls. To maintain that order, we need to be in the position to do this each and every day.


Other times during the day we are stationed in the visitor center and trying to keep guests from bringing in contraband, and from inmates getting those items back to their cells or being able to hide them inside the jail. These efforts take up time and manpower, but luckily we have a secret weapon that has made out lives a little easier and safer at the same time.


Securus Technologies makes inmate telephone monitoring systems and installs them in prisons around this country. The technology allows officers to still conduct their work routine while it scans calls for inmates talking about anything from contraband to fighting. Once the LBS software picks up on that chatter, it will instantly alert my team, giving us the power to be in to different places at the same time.


Securus Technologies has made our prison safer for all the officers, the inmates, the prison staff, and each visitor that comes into our facility.


Covers.Com: All The Bowl Coverage On One Site

Many college football bettors know what an important day today is in terms of college bowl games. There are a lot of people that are going to spend the whole day watching bowl games and they have an interest in many of them. Since there are so many games, there are a lot of games to bet on, watch, and possibly make money on if they use the website They know they are going to get the best coverage on the Internet and it’s all in one place, so they don’t need to visit multiple websites to get the best coverage possible, which is an added bonus.

College football odds can be some of the hardest odds to predict out there, as the sport itself is so wildly unpredictable. A lot of people have gone on record in saying that college football is even more fun for them to watch then the NFL, which is really saying a lot. While the NFL is known for upsets, it seems to happen a lot more around bowl season and in college football. It only adds to the thrill for bettors. When they use, they can read their many columns and have a leg up on some of the possible upsets that might occur. Right now, when it comes to NCAAF odds, they have an informative article on the wild line movements.

That is the thing about they are always on top of these things for college football odds and lines. It can change in a heartbeat or a second and they are ready to make sure you have this information as soon as it comes in, as they don’t want anyone to be caught off guard or surprised by anything that happens to them. This is the go-to website for NCAAF odds, as it puts people in a position to succeed. There is no such thing as having too much information on your hands or too much knowledge.

All of this is going to help the bettor make a bet that is going to win them the right kind of money. It is incredibly rewarding for them when they have read the columns on and what they have seen actually researched comes true. has a reputation to uphold and they do a wonderful job of maintaining it and keeping it running smoothly so people come back for more in the future.

Handy Cleaning Service Looks at Long Term Growth Plans

Have you heard of a startup company with a fast growth start and then it fizzles out of business in four years leaving both investors and customers hanging dry? Well Handy cleaning company is striving to find the right balance between real profitability and providing great customer service to its clients. The service does not want to follow down the road of of their previous big competitor, Homejoy, which went out of business in 2012.

Handy cleaning services did a number of things to help trim their operating expenses. They began by outsourcing the customer experience to call centers in Florida and Missouri. This saved a lot of money for the company as prior to this they had a lot of hourly employees and the company also went to using more automated bot systems to handle its customer base. Still they faced a long road to being profitable but these steps helped to mitigate a further downhill slide of wasted resources. made the tough and painful decision not to expand beyond the 28 markets they were already operating in at this time. The gamble paid huge benefits for the company with respect to customer acquisition and customer density rates in the 28 markets that they currently serve now. Handy is now spending less money and hope to become profitable by the second half of 2017.

Why You Should Try Wen by Chaz Dean

What makes you want to try something for the first time? Is it that you seen something advertised on Facebook and decided that you wanted to try it? Do you try something simply because a friend recommended it? Or do you want to try something just for the pure enjoyment of participating in the newest trends? No matter what your reason, Wen by Chaz Dean is something that you must absolutely try.

On the website, Bustle, you will see where a girl decided to try the WEN hair care product out simply because she wanted to see if the infomercials she had seen on the TV late at night were right. She wanted to know if she was able to get healthy hair once again from using hair care products. She simply wanted to know if anything people were saying was right in the least bit.

At first, she thought that the amount of the Guthy-Rebker endorsed product that was being used for her hair was simply a mistake. It can’t require that I use this much product, she thought. If you are only used to using a small amount, the amount it calls for will seem awful. The thing about this however, many people tested the amounts and in order for your hair to be healthy, you must use the right amount. That is why it is so important for you to follow all directions on the amount of product being used.

When you use the right amount, you will see that it is easier over time to care for your hair. You will notice that your hair is more manageable and that it is more bouncy than it was. You will also see what people say about how the product helped them out when trying to restore healthy hair. It is important that you do your research before purchasing any products and with Bustle, you can hear firsthand how someone achieved their healthy hair without gaining anything from using the products.

Magnises – The Private Club and Black Card For Young Professionals

The Magnises card is very popular among millennials in select cities which include: New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. The card comes loaded with plenty of great benefits for millennials whom are looking to explore the world around them and meet other like-minded individuals. For everything a millennial is looking to accomplish or experience, there is likely something within Magnises which will help a millennial along the way.

The first area of which Magnises is able to stand out is in that of the nightlife scene. The company has plenty of members-only events which offer easy access which virtually guarantees entry. They reserve tables and space for their members to enjoy some of the best live events as well as nightclubs.

Magnises members also get discounted membership to fashion week and other high-profile fashion events. Not only do members get access to fashion week, they also get access to the best seats during fashion week. Their members also get access to some of the best art galleries in the cities in which they live among other cultural events.

Even better, Magnises also provides it’s members with access to some of the best professional networks. These contacts are accessible for chats as well as brunches in order to build great relationships with their favorite influencers. Additionally, members have access to co-working spaces at deeply discounted rates of up to 75% off the full price that other non-members would normally pay. On top of this, there is even a venture capital group within Magnises which is designed to allow members to fund one-another’s ideas.

Read more: Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card

Many millennials also enjoy food and wine, so the company has also created a set of discount packages which are aimed at plugging them in to the city’s culinary scene on There are also plenty of mixology and cooking classes which the members can take in order to broaden their knowledge of culinary arts and food. For those whom enjoy bottomless brunch, then that is definitely an option at some of the best restaurants in their cities.

Many also join for the travel upgrades, which are quite substantial. Early check-in’s, late checkout, room upgrades, and other posh benefits can come standard with a Magnises card membership. Some of the top resorts also come at a low cost to members of the Magnises card, whom are able to stay at these vacation destinations around the world at a very low cost. If you enjoy the best hotels in NYC and elsewhere, then Magnises is a great option for you since you’ll be able to stay at these fine destinations around the world

This all comes together in a full-service concierge package which is able to fulfill any needs of their members. It’s a personal assistant which does all of the ground work for their members so that they are free to enjoy their nights out as well as their time. This concierge comes in the form of a mobile phone app which is easily installed on a member’s device. Source:

Luxury Meets Beauty: Wen by Chaz

Chaz Dean has taken the world of beauty by storm. Blending natural ingredients and lavish elements together, Chaz created a brand of hair care products that are unmatched. With a wide range of products, Wen hair has established a reputation of luxury and healthy hair items.

Wen offers a healthy alternative for hair cleansing. With hopes of eradicating harsh chemical treatments for hair cleaning, Wen products were designed to be gentle but active. Standard shampoo products strips your hair of natural oils and vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. Wen offers cleansers that act as a shampoo,conditioner, moisturizer and shine product, all in one.

The assortment of natural fruits used in the Wen’s cleansers are vital in assisting this healthy cleanser. The cleanser gently removes excessive hair oils while conditioning and shining the hair. Packed with the necessary elements of healthy hair essential, Wen products replace the need for extra hair products. These products are available online thru and

Chaz established his products with the general purpose of creating and maintaining healthy hair care. The New Jersey native was inspired early on by his grandmother’s love for fabric. Determined to capture the same beauty he witnessed growing from a child, Chaz established products which can be used to create the same sense of beauty.

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How To Fight Bad Press With A Small Budget

Managing your online reputation with a small budget or no budget at all can be very challenging. Your reputation now plays a pivotal role in brand image and can even impact sales. Below are some great tips from, for those on a lean budget on how to fight bad press and effectively manage an online reputation like a pro.

The first thing you should do when managing your online reputation is to find out what your reputation currently is. You should be tracking your reputation on the web. An easy way to “see” your reputation on the web is to go to search engines and type in your company name. Observe the results in the first three pages. Do the same with other key phrases or misspellings. You should also search your company employees. See if they have any bad press on the web. If you find anything negative or damaging, make a note of it.

Go to social media and search the company name, common misspellings and key words and phrases associated with the company as well. This also plays a role in your online reputation. Put hashtags before words as well when searching for social media. Examples of where you want to search include, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

If you find negative content, then you need to counter it with positive content. An easy way to build up an online reputation is to create free social media profiles on platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. Create a personal site and blog if you can as well. Constantly update it. For best results, join a variety of sites. For example, join a picture site, a video site, create a general webpage and create an industry specific profile. This will reinforce a positive image across the web.

If you find negative reviews on the web about your company that have a legitimate complaint, respond to them. Ignore trolls or people just looking to trash your name. Most people do not pay attention to this anyway. Focus on the reviews or issues that you can respond to and resolve. If you do this, this will show customers that you care about your consumers and it will reflect favorably.

There is a lot more tips on how to manage your reputation on a thin budget. Read these tips for more on how to keep your reputation in good shape.


Seeing Is Believing When It Comes To FreedomPop Services

FreedomPop is cell phone service, Internet service for the home, portable hotspots, and Wi-Fi service. FreedomPop also has sales as well, and they sell smartphones and tablets, and these products can be obtained through their website, or those that have access to a FreedomPop retailer can find these products. The services that FreedomPop has are available across the country, and those that need cell phone service must first have the right phone to get their service started. Worrying about the type of cell phone that can be used on the FreedomPop service may be too much for some people.

Those that don’t want to take the chance of getting a phone that may not work on the FreedomPop network can choose to buy a phone directly from FreedomPop. Word to the wise, unlock any GSM phone that takes a sim card before trying to use it with the FreedomPop network. Unlocking most GSM phones can be done by obtaining an unlock code online, or there are services that can help to activate the unlocking application that may be installed in a GSM phone. Practically any GSM phone works with FreedomPop if it’s unlocked.

Anyone who wants to bring a Sprint mobile phone to FreedomPop can do that because they are compatible with FreedomPop’s network. Since FreedomPop uses the services of Sprint by using their towers for phone service, those with a Sprint phone can still get phone service with FreedomPop. Also, FreedomPop works with T-Mobile and AT&T for service on GSM phones, and this information is great because it means that anyone with a GSM phone will have access to service all across the USA. Even those with a Sprint phone will still have great service, which means FreedomPop is truly the company to get wireless services from.

Those interested in home Internet service will like getting one gigabyte of free data every month, and the free data can be used along with any chosen plan from FreedomPop. The home Internet service will also offer Wi-Fi with up to eight connections at one time. The mini hotspots that are portable are also available with 500 MB of free data monthly. The Wi-Fi service is something many should take advantage of as well because it’s only five dollars per month and gives unlimited access to Wi-Fi service in millions of hotspots with 4G LTE speeds. Learn more from this FreedomPop review

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