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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Bob Reina Shows Responsibility with His Global Success

Bob Reina is president and CEO of Talk Fusion Video Marketing, and, in the past decade, Talk Fusion has risen to the top of video marketing worldwide. The technology of Talk Fusion is found in over 140 countries, and Mr. Reina is constantly improving the line of Talk Fusion’s video marketing products, which include Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat. The videos are crystal clear, and the team of techs on staff are experts in the industry.

But, Bob Reina is not only known as an entrepreneur, but he is also a philanthropist whose mission it is to reach out and help people around the globe. His slogan from the start of Talk Fusion is “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and he has become involved in the movement that is helping and encouraging communities everywhere every day.

Recently, in the Tampa Bay area, Reina donated $1 million to the Humane Society. After the tragic earthquake in Nepal and the tsunami in Japan, he held fundraisers to help the survivors. He also includes his associates in donations to non-profit businesses by allowing them to select the ones that will receive the gift of a Custom Plan for their office. The Custom Plan includes all the video products that Talk Fusion produces, and Reina pays their annual fees.

Mr. Reina began Talk Fusion in 2007 when he couldn’t find a company to send his 10-second video to family and friends. He decided he could do it himself, so he and his tech-genius friend began to research and build the technology. In 2007, he introduced his first product, the video email, and it went viral.

Many countries around the globe bought the service, and Talk Fusion became a global video marketing company in under a year. Talk Fusion was just what the communication world was looking for and needed. Bob Reina has never forgotten his humble beginnings in building Talk Fusion. Today, he divides his time managing the international company and helping where there is a need.

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