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Maintaining Continual Lip Health

There are multiple things which will come between you and good lip health. Sometimes your diet could come into play. Excessively spicy foods may not be the best for all lips. Sometimes weather will come into play. In certain climates, the wind is high and the moisture is low, which leads to cracked skin all over you; including your lips. Sometimes you are born with skin that just stays dry no matter where you are. And sometimes, everything else is fine; but you feel sexy, and want your lips to communicate this feeling too. For all these areas of life, lip balm can help you achieve the feeling you want; but you must be careful. Some cut-rate lip balm options use materials like parabens or petrolatum. These chemical cosmetic components can be unhealthy. The ideal lip balm will offer multiple lines for multiple moods, and all its offerings will be free of chemical cosmetic components that can hurt you.

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, uses natural, organic compounds. Some of the healthy substances contained in their lip balms include Vitamin E, jojoba, and shea butter. There are never parabens or petrolatum in any EOS lip balm. It is produced in a spherical applicator, though there are stick options and multi-pack options available on both Ulta and Lucky Vitamin.

EOS currently offers three primary product lines. There’s Visually Soft, which ensures your lips are always soft and inviting–but eminently professional. Then there’s Shimmer Smooth, which gives them that slightly sensuous look while maintaining their smooth feel. Lastly, Active Protection ensures that whatever climate you’re in, or however dry your skin is naturally, your lips will always be moist and desirable. For more info, check out the company’s Linked In profile.

If you avoid lip balms with unhealthy compounds, but use lip balms with healthy natural components in product lines designed to meet your needs, you’ll likely be able to manage your lip health better.