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Eric Pulier: Brilliant Leader in the Public and Private Sectors

After graduating from high school in northern New Jersey, Eric Pulier entered Harvard University. He achieved Magna Cum Laude honors as a graduate from this prestigious Ivy league school. With a deep knowledge of literature, computer science and the environment, the young and ambitious graduate was ready to contribute to the world.

Since entering the business world in the early 1990s, Eric Pulier has founded more than a dozen enterprises. Digital Evolution and US Interactive were some of his first ventures that focused on the high-tech sector that was still in the early stages of development during the Internet boom. Eventually, he diversified his portfolio by going into the financial world. After opening Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures, Pulier surely proved that he was a smart businessperson with a thorough comprehension of international commerce.

In addition to having a solid portfolio in business and finances, Pulier also boasts a great track record in the public sector. In fact, he was honorably chosen to design and manage the Bridge to the 21st Century exhibit that celebrated Bill Clinton’s and Al Gore’s second term in the White House. Held in the heart of Washington, D.C. the event focused on the future ambitions of the United States of America ranging from space exploration to health care.

Mr. Pulier is also proud of his involvement in various philanthropic causes worldwide. As a young businessman, he launched initiatives that helped disabled individuals learn about their health problems and use modern technology to overcome obstacles. For example, Pulier was heavily involved with the Multiple Sclerosis Society in the United States. By working with this organization, he was able to use digital technology to change the lives of Americans who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

2010 marked Pulier’s first involvement in international philanthropy. That year, he played key roles in raising funds for the US Doctors for Africa event that was held in New York City. By working with the Clinton Global Initiative, Pulier has delivered high-tech solutions to impoverished communities worldwide. Through this program, he helped bring affordable cloud technology to individuals who have limited or no access to computers.