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Lovaganza – Uniting the world in peace

We are all unique in our own ways, it’s apart of what makes us who we are as individuals. That is what Lovaganza is destined to show not just you or I, but the entire universe. Their goal is to make all of their audience from different cultures realize how unique each of us are. That isn’t where they draw the line though. They also want their “audience” to know how we are all united. If you are like me, you are probably intrigued at this point on Wanting to know what they do, and how they make this possible so that we all are able to gather a better understanding?

If you are one of those people that have seeing the world on their bucket list, This is for you. In May of 2020 Lovaganza will begin their first four month adventure, and end September of 2020. Entertainment will include Shows, Attractions, Motion pictures, and much more. They are calling it a “Bohemian Adventure”. This adventure will take place all around the world. Which will include America, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle-East, and Oceania. They will show you each side of their cultures, from lifestyles to music on During this time Lovaganza will visit 50 different cities.

The “Bohemian Adventure” will be using technology to take you everywhere you want to go in the form of films. They will use special glasses, and large 3D screens to make it all come to life. Lovaganza goal is to unite our world in peace, and love. Having a better understanding of others lifestyles. The Lovaganza also is very supportive to the “Lovaganza Foundation”. As most of you are aware, there are children are deprived of things that we usually easily take for granted. Clean drinking water, Healthcare, Education, and more. They are aiming to make a difference in the world by changing this fact.

The Lovaganza, also known as the Bohemian Adventure is going to be life changing. Something that our families can experience together. Ignorance comes from a lack of education, and understanding. If we can all have a better understanding of what different lifestyles we live, we would all appreciate what the world has to offer. One culture at a time.

The Lovaganza Announcement Helps Spread the Word of Their Plan to Bring the World Together

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza may have been pushed back to 2020, but it is sure to be worth the wait. In case you hadn’t heard of Lovaganza before, its a global celebration of the many different cultures around the world. The goal of the even is to help bring together the world through entertainment like its immersive no glasses 3D movie experience. Movies aren’t the only thing this massive event will have either, with different cultures comes different forms of entertainment. These unique types of entertainment on will be shown as well, exposing the world to the diversity of the world.

Lovaganza is hoping to channel the feeling of the World Fair, which had a similar goal in mind. They want to bring all of the cultures of the worlds together to further the advancement of global progress. Lovaganza is going to different locations of the world to make movies and seek inspiration for attractions to showcase at the event. The first movie is being filmed in a small french town and will be the first movie in a trilogy. The movie is called Follow Your Sunshine and is said to be set in the 1950’s.

Starting in 2017 a show will go on the road to promote Lovaganza, the road show will feature a trilogy of movies in their unique 3D experience and bring attention to the upcoming event. Now some may be asking why they decided to push this event back from 2015 all the way to 2020, well the answer is simple, they wanted to wait for the new emerging entertainment technology to come out. They want to make full use of these new technologies to make the event even more memorable and have more of an impact.

Lovaganza Entertainment is a company that brings entertainment events to different locations around the world. Using it’s many different branches to try and bring the world together through entertainment and fun. Exposing people to different cultures is important, and if the exposure comes in the way of fun then it will make a more lasting impression. Lovaganza also has a non-profit organization in their family of companies, this non-profit is called the Lovaganza Foundation, its aim, to further the invitations of different regions and cultures by providing help where they can.

Lovaganza is striving to bring a world that is currently rocked by conflicts and politics together through entertainment. Exposure to different cultures is an important first step towards understanding between different countries. Lovaganza is set to kick off in May of 202 and go through September, so keep an eye out for more news as the time comes closer and don’t miss out on this opportunity. Like the World Fair they are attempting to emulate, you may not get a chance to attend something like this again in your life time.

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