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Nexbank Shows Strong Earnings In Latest Report

Nexbank, officially incorporated as Nexbank Capital has released an extremely positive fourth quarter earnings result for the final year of 2015. The end of 2015, marks another year of record growth and earnings stemming all the way back to 2011. The company has increased its earnings, expanded its assets, grown its deposits and increased its loan amounts significantly in the past four years.


NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

Metrics for Nexbank for last year are as follows. The net income of the bank which represents real profits after all expenses are deducted was $53.2 million dollars. In 2014, the net income of Nexbank was $25.6 million dollars. This is a more than twofold increase in net profits in the span of a year. The return on average equity or shares in the bank rose by 35% in 2015. The ROAE increased by 23% in 2014.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, total profits were about $16.2 million and the return on equity was around 37%. This represents one of the strongest financial gains in a single quarter in the company’s history. The fourth quarter of 2014 saw net profits in the range of $10.2 million dollars and an increase of equity value by close to 33%.

Company assets grew by almost 50% in 2015 when compared with the total number of assets under the bank in 2014. Assets as of 2015 were $2.72 billion dollars. The amount of money Nexbank has loaned out has also increased dramatically. In 2015, the amount of total loans were just shy of $2.0 billion dollars at $1.97 billion dollars. Bank deposits increased by 32% and totaled in the amount of $1.88 billion dollars.

The metrics for Nexbank shows that the company is growing and expanding at very strong percentages. To continue its strong growth, Nexbank has completed the acquisition of a fellow bank called the College Savings Bank. This will further diversify the company’s balance sheets and increase the total number of deposits under the bank.