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Doug Levitt Peeks Inside The American Collective On A Greyhound Bus

Doug Levitt started his career as a foreign correspondent based in London and working for ABC, NBC, and CNN among other news outlets. Before Doug grew up and traded in his day job, he lived in Washington, D.C. with his mother, Carol Schwartz, a D.C. Councilmember. Civic duty was instilled in Doug at a young age by his mother. And it was this civic duty that led Doug to leave his correspondence position and to start riding the bus. Doug was inspired by the 1930’s WPA government programs that would go into the community to see how the public was living during times of crisis.

Doug Levitt has logged over ten thousand miles riding the bus across the country and back writing songs about his experiences and collecting other riders’ personal stories. This was how “Greyhound Diaries” evolved. Doug saw the need to record these experiences as a way of gauging how many Americans are doing and to document the struggles of the Everyman.

Mr. Levitt’s “Greyhound Dairies” project is a labor of love that has evolved into a book, a pair of ep’s and a web series. In addition to the multimedia outlets, Mr. Levitt has taken the stories that consist of ‘Greyhound Diaries’ on the road sharing his stories and songs in venues across the nation. ‘Greyhound Diaries’ has simply become Levitt’s life work. He has built a snapshot of the modern, average, American public, many whom are struggling to rebuild their lives, bouncing back from rock bottom, or on the upswing to great things. Check out Doug’s Twitter here.

Mr. Levitt and “Greyhound Diaries” are worth a listen and a read as this project is close to everyone’s hearts because it involves people that could very well be anyone’s neighbors. And if Mr. Levitt is performing in your town, it would be worth the cost of admission.


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