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The Dependable and Experienced IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services Inc is a leading international provider of logistics, advanced technical and professional services, and facilities management. Its headquarters are in Cape Canaveral Florida and it maintains offices in Washington D.C, United Kingdom, Panama City Florida and the Middle East. The company manages, maintains and operates military installations, research laboratories in remote areas and civilian facilities. When there are logistical and technical challenges such as overseas battlefields or natural disasters, IAP will offer inventive solutions and deliver exceptional results.

What are the qualities that make IAP a reliable Market Leader?
One of the reasons is because of the company’s great experience as it has been around for 60 years and is available in 25 countries. 30 percent of its workforce comprises of people with military experience. The veterans bring in attributes of quick and critical thinking, leadership and commitment to the mission and teams. The company focuses on achieving objectives, and it always adopts the customer’s mission as their own. IAP is result oriented, and it searches for critical, flexible and creative ways of problem-solving to accomplish any objective. The workforce has a commitment to each other, partners and customers and it ensures better and faster ways of tackling tasks.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

Services offered by IAP Worldwide Services.
It provides Aviation Engineering Solutions through various aircraft programs such as repair, parts acquisition and repair, test equipment and station, engineering services, logistic support and communication systems. The company has helped in rebuilding air traffic control in places like Afghanistan and also manages several airbase operations in the Middle East and Asia. With the acquisition of Tactical Communication and Network Solutions (TCNS), IAP Worldwide Services is in a better position to offer more aviation related solutions. The company offers temporary and permanent power services and solutions, cost-effective renewable energy and power plant operations and management. It also provides expeditionary infrastructure services to organizations in remote areas. It ensures functionality in such areas by providing custom-engineered infrastructure, health and emergency services, facilities operations and maintenance and power field and utilities. The company provides IT and Communication services and solutions. It offers high-tech products and systems in network and communication and logistic support.

IAP has partnered with U.S Military to support national troops in many projects across the continent and outside. It offers services mentioned above and emergency responses such as disaster relief, emergency power solutions and environmental management services. The company also offers global procurement, supply chain operations and management, transportation services and solutions and warehouse operations and management. IAP enables the defense and civilian agencies to perform in any environment by providing necessary solutions and services.

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