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IT Solutions Provided By John Goullet

DIVERSANT is an IT solution firm located in the US specialized in providing the highest level of services to their customers across borders be it consultants or partners in the same field. It is one of the biggest IT firm owned by an African- American meant to provide solutions in all IT related matters such as IT talents, contingent to a good number of clients situated in mid-markets and industries.

The DIVERSANT is also a fully-certified Minority Business Enterprise that aims at promoting the supply chain in a very diverse way. The firm holds on diversity to achieve greater opportunities for their clients in a very innovative manner.

In terms of products, the Diversant firm relay on transformative ideas that are original to make sure the needs of their clients and the community at large are taken care of with an output of greater quality.

The DIVERSANT firm was formed in the year 2010 after the Info Technologies Inc. decided to come together with DIVERSANT LLC to become one thing. This merge helped the DIVERSANT to expand its services and develop more solutions in the IT world.

It is a firm owned by Gene C Waddy, a man born in new jersey and a successful entrepreneur in IT staffing and solutions. Before founding DIVERSANT Gene was the national practice Director for infrastructure at Spherion Technology managing the provision of IT services across borders.

The DIVERSANT firm at the moment is under the leadership of John Goullet, who serve as the principal of DIVERSANT. Guollet was at one time the Chief Executive Officer of Info Technologies back in the year 1994 at its start. He holds lots of experience in the IT sector and has been able to win a number of awards.

Goullet studied at the Ursinus College in the US and upon his graduation he has served in many companies due to his nature of understanding the nature of corporate climate as well as IT staffing needs of his clients.

DIVERSANT firm has an Advisory Board composed of industry leaders and business experts who provide advice and counsel on matters of commercial development and strategic planning of the firm. The Board Members meet regularly with DIVERSANT Leadership to review market conditions and company performance. The Chief Officer of DIVERSANT is Jim Yoshimura a successful executive leader with over 30 years of staffing, consulting and industry experience.

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