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José Manuel González: End the Roller Coaster

José Manuel González is running for governor of Guarico. He is not inexperienced politically, as he has spent time in the National Assembly, but his experience there taught him that policy was far too important to leave to the career politicians. Mr. González began his career as a businessman in agriculture, and still continues in that role, so as not to lose touch with the interests that originally inspired him into political office. He views himself not as a politician, but as a businessman lent out to politics.

The main issues that he is interested in affecting as governor, are the agricultural policy of the State of Guarico, as well as ensuring that a greater level of democracy is realized in the administration of the State. Jose Manuel González believes that the country’s economy has been too painful on a daily basis, forcing its citizens to often live at a merely subsistence level, while the economy experiences extreme ups and downs. The State does not have sufficient foreign currency to import needed resources and supplies for its citizens main focus is on economic growth for the country, and he believes that the nation needs to come together in a grand agreement to focus on their betterment of the country, rather than partisan struggles and power grabs.

Overall, he believes that if the nation can come together and politicians focus on improving the economy, that they will be able to bring back economic security to the every day lives of the citizenry, and return the country to its true democratic roots.

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