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Securus’s New Investigation Into Prison Industry Corruption

A leading Dallas-based inmate IT firm has now decided to go beyond just designing platforms and correctional facilities. In a recent report by PR Newsiwre, Securus Technologies is now spearheading full-scale investigations into inmate telecom company corruption. According to Securus CEO Rick Smith, the exposure of wrongdoings in the prison industry is necessary to keep the reputation of the prison telecom industry in good standing with correctional institutions and people who use the technology. In particular, the report is aimed at a competitor, Global Tel Link for corrupt practices, in which according to a report filed by the Public Service Commission of Louisiana, GTL overbilled clients by tampering with minutes used in phone calls, and adding other fraudulent charges to billing accounts. Smith has vowed to speak out against such practices and make sure Securus’s services are transparent to the public.

Securus America is a major developer of inmate communications solutions, and services many major facilities across the US. They’ve designed some of the most complex IT infrastructures for prison officials and law enforcement. They’ve received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureua according to PR Newswire for delivering fantastic results and excellent customer service, and through their secure systems, communications have been able to transmit uncompromise, and emergencies have been responded to rapidly. Securus recently has put forth a managed access system that can create blackout zones in prisons to keep inmates from using smuggled-in cell phones and correctional officers safe.

Securus’s communication tools span all the way from phone service, financial transaction kiosks, mail scanners, and even video visitation programs. The video visitation app has made visiting an incarcerated loved one much easier for families, as now they can do so right from the comfort of their own home. And scheduling this face time has been made easier and more convenient for inmates, and saved both visitors and correctional facilities a lot of expenses.

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