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Keith Mann Announces Scholarship to One Lucky High School Senior

Keith Mann recently announced that he and his wife, Keely, will present the Scholarship for Professional Achievement Award. This award will recognize future business leaders. In order for this scholarship to be implemented, Keith Mann is partnering up with Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profit charter organization. This scholarship is awarded to one lucky graduating senior every year at one of Uncommon School’s high school.

This scholarship is a wonderful thing as it will ensure that one of the high school students is able to attend a four-year college. To participate, graduating seniors have to write an essay explaining why earning a college degree will help them achieve a successful career. Being a philanthropist, Keith is dedicated to finding future strong leaders and helping them turn their dreams into a reality. Many students attending one o Uncommon School’s Brooklyn-based high schools are low-income and cannot afford college. This scholarship not only helps a student get into college to find a better career, but supports the mission of finding strong leaders as well. The winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship that the student can apply towards their college tuition (

Keith Mann is the Founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. He has over 15 years of experience working in the executive search industry as well as hedge fund compensation and hiring strategy. He quickly recognized that the hedge fund industry was a booming market, so he developed the Alternative Investment Practice. In 2009, Dynamics Search Partners was established. This executive search firm works exclusively on alternative investment firms and fills over 200 clients orders yearly. As CEO, Keith is in charge of the daily management of the firm. He also assists his clients with hiring investment, marketing strategies, and building new platforms.

When Keith is not hard at work, he is a philanthropist. He has made donations to, which is a fund that supports classroom project across the United States by providing the necessary supplies to teachers and students. A man like Keith is someone who is dedicated to helping children and ensuring they have the best education out there.

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