How To Fight Bad Press With A Small Budget

Managing your online reputation with a small budget or no budget at all can be very challenging. Your reputation now plays a pivotal role in brand image and can even impact sales. Below are some great tips from, for those on a lean budget on how to fight bad press and effectively manage an online reputation like a pro.

The first thing you should do when managing your online reputation is to find out what your reputation currently is. You should be tracking your reputation on the web. An easy way to “see” your reputation on the web is to go to search engines and type in your company name. Observe the results in the first three pages. Do the same with other key phrases or misspellings. You should also search your company employees. See if they have any bad press on the web. If you find anything negative or damaging, make a note of it.

Go to social media and search the company name, common misspellings and key words and phrases associated with the company as well. This also plays a role in your online reputation. Put hashtags before words as well when searching for social media. Examples of where you want to search include, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

If you find negative content, then you need to counter it with positive content. An easy way to build up an online reputation is to create free social media profiles on platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. Create a personal site and blog if you can as well. Constantly update it. For best results, join a variety of sites. For example, join a picture site, a video site, create a general webpage and create an industry specific profile. This will reinforce a positive image across the web.

If you find negative reviews on the web about your company that have a legitimate complaint, respond to them. Ignore trolls or people just looking to trash your name. Most people do not pay attention to this anyway. Focus on the reviews or issues that you can respond to and resolve. If you do this, this will show customers that you care about your consumers and it will reflect favorably.

There is a lot more tips on how to manage your reputation on a thin budget. Read these tips for more on how to keep your reputation in good shape.


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