Magnises – The Private Club and Black Card For Young Professionals

The Magnises card is very popular among millennials in select cities which include: New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. The card comes loaded with plenty of great benefits for millennials whom are looking to explore the world around them and meet other like-minded individuals. For everything a millennial is looking to accomplish or experience, there is likely something within Magnises which will help a millennial along the way.

The first area of which Magnises is able to stand out is in that of the nightlife scene. The company has plenty of members-only events which offer easy access which virtually guarantees entry. They reserve tables and space for their members to enjoy some of the best live events as well as nightclubs.

Magnises members also get discounted membership to fashion week and other high-profile fashion events. Not only do members get access to fashion week, they also get access to the best seats during fashion week. Their members also get access to some of the best art galleries in the cities in which they live among other cultural events.

Even better, Magnises also provides it’s members with access to some of the best professional networks. These contacts are accessible for chats as well as brunches in order to build great relationships with their favorite influencers. Additionally, members have access to co-working spaces at deeply discounted rates of up to 75% off the full price that other non-members would normally pay. On top of this, there is even a venture capital group within Magnises which is designed to allow members to fund one-another’s ideas.

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Many millennials also enjoy food and wine, so the company has also created a set of discount packages which are aimed at plugging them in to the city’s culinary scene on There are also plenty of mixology and cooking classes which the members can take in order to broaden their knowledge of culinary arts and food. For those whom enjoy bottomless brunch, then that is definitely an option at some of the best restaurants in their cities.

Many also join for the travel upgrades, which are quite substantial. Early check-in’s, late checkout, room upgrades, and other posh benefits can come standard with a Magnises card membership. Some of the top resorts also come at a low cost to members of the Magnises card, whom are able to stay at these vacation destinations around the world at a very low cost. If you enjoy the best hotels in NYC and elsewhere, then Magnises is a great option for you since you’ll be able to stay at these fine destinations around the world

This all comes together in a full-service concierge package which is able to fulfill any needs of their members. It’s a personal assistant which does all of the ground work for their members so that they are free to enjoy their nights out as well as their time. This concierge comes in the form of a mobile phone app which is easily installed on a member’s device. Source:

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