Patriotism and Humility of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is not only renowned for being the nominated governor of Michigan State in 2006 but also for being a fundamental factor in the school-choice reformation in the United States for many years. He and his wife have both used their political and economic might in finding solutions to social problems affecting especially education since it was triggered by Milton Friedman’s writings on “The role of government in Education.”


When we closely look at the DeVos as presented in the interview with the Philanthropy Magazine, this couple has been involved in educational reforms even before it dawned on the general public that public schools were failing and the better options were to drop back to educational reforms which included, tax credit, education savings accounts, and vouchers. These reforms were earlier regarded as radical until when it was evidently seen to outdo public schools.


DeVos was born to be a successful businessman, which happens to be in his family lineage. Being born in Grand Rapids Michigan to Helen June and Richard DeVos- business people, he lived to become a successful entrepreneur. Beginning his business career at Amway, a family business, he was a breakthrough for the organization helping it to expand greatly. Besides his successful entrepreneurial journey, DeVos is one in among few rich people in the United States who are worth their respect for their social responsibility. This fact is evidently seen in his charity work across the United States and abroad.


There are lots of instances that show that people like DeVos are rare to find especially in the developed countries. With his wealth and success, DeVos decided to make the world a better place by helping poor families who were unable to raise funds to send their children to school. In 1993, DeVos and his wife were co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund that provided scholarships to families with low income. The foundation saw 4,000 children get scholarships Apart from his contributions in the education, he also co-chaired the improvement of healthcare facilities around Grand Rapids. What was most memorable of the charity he did includes donations for refurbishment arena, convention center, heart hospital, medical school and a market all in the heartland of Michigan. These donations amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars.


There is so much to be said about DeVos in regards to his charity work. He is one kind of a person that put aside his titles and achievements and put the interests of his countrymen at heart. He has won the National Champion sailor title twice but that never gave him the audacity to look down upon the less privileged.


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