Protecting Officers Inside a Dangerous Jail with Securus Technologies

One of the reasons that I have been a corrections officer for so long is because I love the challenge. Each day is completely different that the previous day, and for that reasons you need to have eyes in the back of your head every second you work behind these prison walls. Our team of officers is well equipped to handle violence to a degree, but add into the mix drugs and weapons and it can go from dangerous to deadly in a flash.


To try and maintain a degree of order, each day me and my fellow officers are doing numerous cell inspections throughout the facility. By taking out drugs and weapons, we make it safer for anyone who is currently behind these prison walls. To maintain that order, we need to be in the position to do this each and every day.


Other times during the day we are stationed in the visitor center and trying to keep guests from bringing in contraband, and from inmates getting those items back to their cells or being able to hide them inside the jail. These efforts take up time and manpower, but luckily we have a secret weapon that has made out lives a little easier and safer at the same time.


Securus Technologies makes inmate telephone monitoring systems and installs them in prisons around this country. The technology allows officers to still conduct their work routine while it scans calls for inmates talking about anything from contraband to fighting. Once the LBS software picks up on that chatter, it will instantly alert my team, giving us the power to be in to different places at the same time.


Securus Technologies has made our prison safer for all the officers, the inmates, the prison staff, and each visitor that comes into our facility.


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