Seeing Is Believing When It Comes To FreedomPop Services

FreedomPop is cell phone service, Internet service for the home, portable hotspots, and Wi-Fi service. FreedomPop also has sales as well, and they sell smartphones and tablets, and these products can be obtained through their website, or those that have access to a FreedomPop retailer can find these products. The services that FreedomPop has are available across the country, and those that need cell phone service must first have the right phone to get their service started. Worrying about the type of cell phone that can be used on the FreedomPop service may be too much for some people.

Those that don’t want to take the chance of getting a phone that may not work on the FreedomPop network can choose to buy a phone directly from FreedomPop. Word to the wise, unlock any GSM phone that takes a sim card before trying to use it with the FreedomPop network. Unlocking most GSM phones can be done by obtaining an unlock code online, or there are services that can help to activate the unlocking application that may be installed in a GSM phone. Practically any GSM phone works with FreedomPop if it’s unlocked.

Anyone who wants to bring a Sprint mobile phone to FreedomPop can do that because they are compatible with FreedomPop’s network. Since FreedomPop uses the services of Sprint by using their towers for phone service, those with a Sprint phone can still get phone service with FreedomPop. Also, FreedomPop works with T-Mobile and AT&T for service on GSM phones, and this information is great because it means that anyone with a GSM phone will have access to service all across the USA. Even those with a Sprint phone will still have great service, which means FreedomPop is truly the company to get wireless services from.

Those interested in home Internet service will like getting one gigabyte of free data every month, and the free data can be used along with any chosen plan from FreedomPop. The home Internet service will also offer Wi-Fi with up to eight connections at one time. The mini hotspots that are portable are also available with 500 MB of free data monthly. The Wi-Fi service is something many should take advantage of as well because it’s only five dollars per month and gives unlimited access to Wi-Fi service in millions of hotspots with 4G LTE speeds. Learn more from this FreedomPop review

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